Dog Breeds Beginning With M

There are some great dogs that are perfect for apartment living on this list, with some beautiful miniature breeds. There is also the beautiful coated mud and the gigantic mastiff. There is surely a dog on this list that will win your heart.

The dogs listed below are breeds that have been recognized by the American Kennel Club.



The Maltese is another well-known dog. Just like the Löwchen, this dog also has a lion-like appearance. Their entire body is covered in long, silk-like hair. These hairs will, in most cases, assume a white color.

They are a dog that is very delicate and needs handling to reflect this. Easy training will work best for the Maltese. The name Maltese is derived from the word Malta, which is where they originated.

This breed is suited for apartment living. The Maltese can weigh 7 pounds and stand at just10 inches.

Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier

This terrier breed comes with a short coat. The dog has nice shaped ears, almost like a prism. The ears can stand erect, giving the breed a similar look to the Doberman pinscher. Its coat, which is dense but smooth, covers this dog.

Manchester Terriers are a breed that people will admire when they see them walking down the street. The Manchester Terrier has a muscular body that is full of energy.

If weighed, fully grown adults will weigh about 22 pounds. The height of a Manchester Terrier can reach 16 inches.



Mastiffs are known as a heavy breed. They have, over recent years, been listed as among the heaviest breeds. These dogs can weigh as much as a whopping 220 pounds. They do not seem fat, however, as they reach heights of 32 inches.

Their face is distinctive as it is covered in wrinkles. Although they can be great family companions, their size can cause problems around small children, as the dogs don’t always see themselves as big as others do.

The mastiff has a strong neck that is slightly elevated from the body. Despite this dog’s massive body structure, they have a loving personality.

They are also very protective of their family. The mastiff is a dog that can fit in very well with the right family.

Miniature Bull Terrier

Miniature Bull Terrier

The miniature bull terrier is possibly the cutest looking terrier. They are known as the mini dog, but they have a massive sense of humor.

The miniature bull terrier has an egg-shaped head that possesses an inquisitive look. Their coat is very short, meaning that they do not need much grooming.

If well-fed, these dogs can get heavy within a short time. Exercise is crucial to keep this dog in shape.

When fully grown, they have a bold body, standing to heights of 14 inches, and a weight of 28 pounds. They are muscular in shape, but softies at heart.

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

This toy dog shares a similar look to its bigger family member, the Doberman pinscher. They are sometimes referred to as the mini Doberman, and no wonder it sometimes referred to as the mini Doberman.

They have the same kind of courage that the Doberman pinscher has. Their bodies can be described as muscular yet agile. Miniature pinschers are an intelligent breed.

If you are looking for an apartment dog, then the miniature pinscher should be on your list, due to their calm disposition.

The miniature pinscher is an obedient and loyal dog and only barks when annoyed, scared, or when trying to warn its owners.

Children at home will have fun playing with the miniature pinscher. The miniature pinscher can stand at 12 inches and weighs up to 11 pounds when fully grown. 

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature Schnauzer is another small version of a large dog. Their origin can be traced back to Germany. The miniature Schnauzer has other names such as zwergschnauzer, and dwarf Schnauzer.

The dog grows lots of fur around their legs, belly, and on some parts around the nose. The miniature Schnauzer comes with a coat of black, white, silver, or salt and pepper colors.

Miniature schnauzers have a double, thick coat covering their bodies. Although thick, the coat is wiry. The miniature Schnauzer has less shedding than a lot of dogs, which is great news for people that suffer from allergies.

This dog can weigh up to 20 pounds while standing at heights of14 inches. They are a playful dog and are at their happiest when around people all day.

Being small, they are ideal for apartment living; however, they do need constant attention. They are not a breed that likes to be left alone.

Mountain Cur

Mountain Cur

The mountain cur is a dog defined by its simplicity, elegance, and agility. This mountain dog traces its origin in the United States of America.

Their shape can be described as an athletic machine. They are a great lover of exercises and outings. This dog can be a perfect match for those who love traveling or going on walks through nature.

Having a shiny, smooth coat, this dog preserves world-class elegance for its owners. The mountain cur is a master of handling different family members and will treat your children with love and tenderness.

Having this dog at your doorstep also means ample protection at home. This dog will be great to you and your family, but for anyone that it doesn’t know, they will make sure that you know that they are unsure about them.

These dogs are intelligent, making them easy to train. By positively rewarding them, you will see great results quickly. When it comes to sports, playing fetch with a mountain cur is something that all people should do at least once in their life. They have so much energy, and I am pretty sure you will tire out before they do. The mountain cur is a large dog, reaching weights of 60 pounds, and standing tall at 26 inches.



The Mudi was bred to protect, and they do it very well. Originally bred to protect sheep, they are also excellent at herding. This makes them a dog that is very intelligent and one that, when trained, able to complete any job thrown at them.

Mudi’s have their origins tracing back to Hungary. They are a breed that is full of great enthusiasm, with a determination to protect your property.

They make excellent guard dogs if that is what you require. When around family and friends, the Mudi makes an excellent companion. They are a dog that can get bored easily and do not like to be left all day.  

They have a short curly coat, with colors such as brown, black, fawn, white, ash, and citrus. The coat, although curly, is easier to groom than it looks. These dogs can stand at heights up to 19 inches with weights of 29 pounds.

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