Dog Breeds Beginning With H

From the cute little Havanese, to the elegant Hokkaido, there is a dog on this list that will met your heart.

The dogs listed below are breeds that have been recognized by the American Kennel Club.



If you were to talk about a dog whose body design is fantastic, you would have to mention the Harrier breed. This dog falls in the category of hound dogs and has got all the attributes needed to steal your heart.

To begin with, their rounded ears are seen to hang, almost begging for a light touch from its owners. Its eyes are placed strategically for a clear vision while its black nose rules the lower center part of the face.

The breed is a dog that grows long, rather than tall. They can stand up to heights of 21 inches and may weigh 60 pounds when fully grown.

This dog is also outgoing and people-oriented and will be a good companion for families. The coat is short but elegant looking with an exceptionally soft feel.



The Havanese is an excellent companion dog whose coat is soft, thick, and silky. Watery eyes are part of the unique features that are easy to identify in this particular dog. The Havanese dog does not mind strangers and can make friends with anyone.

They are additionally affectionate to family and are suited for apartment living. If you are worried about the size of a dog, then I can assure you that this dog is relatively small in size. The Havanese can weigh up to 13 pounds while standing 11 inches tall.

With this breed, you can enjoy his or her company for 12 to 15 years. A key thing to note about Havanese is that they can do not like being on their own.

Leaving them alone for too long can make them very bored, or even at times annoyed since they do not like being excluded from activities.



The Hamiltonstovare, commonly known as the Hamilton, is a Swedish dog. Others may know this dog as the hamilton Hound and Swedish foxhound. The dog owns a smart, handsome, and closely fitting coat that is identifiable from a distance.

They are energetic, agile, with a muscular body that is built for non-stop action. The coat comes in a tricolored covering. These are white, black, and brown, which are usually perfectly blended to achieve an elegant look.

What is unique about its coat is the white blaze or markings that occupy the upper muzzle, underside of the neck, chest, lower sides of the legs as well as the tip of its mighty tail.

The Hamilton is known to be affectionate and obedient, but can sometimes turn into a stubborn dog when unhappy. It will, therefore, need positive reinforcement from the owners to execute commands when given.

Hamilton’s can weigh 75 pounds and will stand at maximum heights of 25 inches.

Hanoverian Scent Hound

Hanoverian Scent Hound

The Hanoverian scent hound is a distinctive dog from Germany. This breed is a loyal and independent dog. Just like many Scent hounds, the Hanoverian Scent hound is a prey dog. They can track game over longer distances and with great perfection.

This dog is the epitome of strength and endurance that would be necessary for any hunting activity to be successful. The default color for the Hanoverian Scent hound’s shorthaired coat is red but can vary to black.

Its dark eyes are perfectly etched onto their sockets, and their partly wrinkled face, give this dog an alert expression. Hanoverian scent hounds can weigh 100 pounds and may stand up to 21 inches in height.



This medium-sized dog is known for its sleepy look. The Hokkaido traces its origin back to Japan. It is also known as the Do-ken, Ainu-ken, Seta, Ainu dog, or Hokkaido-Ken.

Those who have met them will confirm to you that this dog is a pleasant personality. His sleepy-looking face disguises the alert nature of the Hokkaido. The Hokkaido is usually very vigilant and can be a good protector of your home.

Their ears are described as being erect, triangular-shaped, and relatively small. This dog is known for its loyalty. The Hokkaido is also known to withstand icy weather conditions.

Brushing of teeth, occasional baths, and frequent brushing of the coat are some of the recommended actions to keep this dog neat. This dog can weigh 66 pounds and can reach heights of 20 inches.



The Hovawart is another breed of dog that is master of itself. This dog prides itself as being inquisitive, alert, and a smart dog. The nose is one of the most adorable parts of this dog. Having a huge muscular body, this dog is determined to complete whatever tasks are given.

They have an unbreakable spirit that guides them never to give up. Those who own this dog also know them as a relaxed and stress-free dog. If all their needs are met, they will be no trouble for you.

Despite being a social dog, the Hovawart can also like to be left alone. They may take some time tending to themselves before joining the rest of the family. The Hovawart is a dog that does not like restrictions put on it.

Being a huge, energetic dog, an open field for him or her to exercise would be the best habitat for them. The Hovawart can weigh 90 pounds and are known to reach heights of 28 inches.

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