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Why Are Beavers Mammals?

There are two species of beaver in North America; the North American beaver and the mountain beaver. Somebody asked me if they were both species of mammals. Beavers are mammals and have several mammalian traits. Beavers are vertebrates; they have mammary glands that they use to feed their live young, have a four-chambered heart, have …

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Are Porcupines Deadly?

Porcupines are a widespread group of animals that inhabit almost every continent in the world except for Antarctica. They are divided into two families, old-world porcupines and new-world porcupines. The new world porcupines are mainly found in North America and some parts of northern South America. A porcupines’ main defense is the quills, which they …

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Do Pet Mice Attract Other Animals Into The House?

I was around a friend’s house recently, and they said that their son wanted a pet and had chosen a mouse. My friend was unsure whether to get their son a mouse and asked me if a pet mouse would attract other animals into the house. I was unsure, so I looked into this so I could …

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