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Least concern conservation status
Binomial nameErethizon dorsatum
Porcupine range map
Range of species in blue

The North American porcupine is also known as the common porcupine, and they are a rodent with black or brown fur with hairless feet to climb trees.

The North American porcupine can be easily recognized by quills, that are solid at the tip and base and present around all its body, except for the stomach. The quills are used as a defense mechanism.

The North American porcupine is a herbivore, and they are often found climbing on trees to eat leaves. Their size makes it the second-largest rodent in North America.

The head to body length is approximately 60-90 cm without counting the tail measuring around 14.5 up to 30 cm. Their weight is about 9 kilograms on average.