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Physical Characteristics Of Bears

Many people have asked me recently about the different physical characteristics of the bears found in North America. I have written this article to explain the features shared and distinct between the three bear species in North America. There are three types of bears found in North America, the American black bear, the brown grizzly …

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Why Do Plants Turn Towards The Light?

If you have any plants indoors, you may notice that their stalks bend and turn towards the light. To keep the plant’s shape, you may have to turn it around until it leans toward the light again. Plants turn towards the light automatically, growing in that direction. These movements allow the plants to get their …

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Why Are Mammals Called Mammals?

We know that we are classed as mammals, like many other animals on the planet. Mammals share several other features, and I wanted to write this article about how mammals got their name. Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy, named mammals. Linnaeus named mammals after the Latin word mamma, meaning breast. I looked further into …

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