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Best Ways to Animal Proof Your Home

Animals inside and outside your house can damage your property and your yard extensively, so spending a few dollars now can pay off in the long run. Animals can chew through electrical cables, which can cause a fire, and plumbing pipes can also be chewed through, causing damage from a flood. A few months ago, …

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Are All Mammals Warm-Blooded?

Many assume that all mammals were warm-blooded, and while the majority are, there are some that are heterothermic. Most mammals are endothermic, which means they can regulate their body temperature. Some mammals, such as the Arctic ground squirrel, are classed as heterothermic, allowing their surrounding environments to affect their body temperature. Please read on if …

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Which Mammals Live In North America?

North America has a wide variety of mammals, from the smallest to the largest. I wanted to make a complete list of which mammals live in North America. There are nine orders of mammals in North America split into 40 families. There are currently about 420 species of mammal in North America. In this article, …

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