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Mammals of Massachusetts

American Beaver American Black Bear American Water Shrew Atlantic White-sided Dolphin Bearded Seal Beluga Whale Big Brown Bat Black-tailed Jackrabbit Blainville’s Beaked Whale Blue Whale Bobcat Bottlenose Dolphin Brown Rat Cinereus Shrew Common Muskrat Coyote Cuvier’s Beaked Whale Dwarf Sperm Whale Eastern Chipmunk Eastern Cottontail Eastern Gray Squirrel Eastern Mole Eastern Red Bat Eastern Small-footed …

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Which Mammals Live in Massachusetts?

I went through Massachusetts to get on a whale-watching trip recently. I was surprised at how many different environments I drove through. The habitats ranged from scrubland, grassland, and forests. With the various mammals in the state, these habitats are essential for the mammals that live there. Massachusetts currently has 83 different mammal species, including …

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25 Mammals You Can See In Florida

The Sunshine State, otherwise known as Florida, regularly teems with tourists, but far from the bustling crowd, there are also some special mammals that you won’t find elsewhere. Tourists, or locals, may be lucky enough to enjoy an encounter with one of the many mammals residing in the State, some of which are found nowhere …

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