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What Do Coyotes Do In Summer?

Coyotes are four-legged canines found in North America. To thrive and survive, each season is different for them. Coyotes are often misjudged and have a terrible reputation, especially among farmers. However, most people’s perceptions of coyotes come from misguided information. To better understand coyotes, we need to see their behavior throughout the year. In this …

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What Do Weasels Eat?

Weasels are primarily nocturnal, small carnivores living across North America. They live a solitary lifestyle and have a varied diet? Weasels are carnivores and will eat almost all animals they find. Weasels eat small mammals, insects, lizards, frogs, birds, and birds’ eggs. They are opportunistic and will store food for later. Weasels eat up to …

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