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Harris’s Antelope Squirrel

Order Rodentia Family Sciuridae Genus Ammospermophilus Binomial name Ammospermophilus harrisii The Harris’s antelope squirrel weighs around 110 to 140 grams and usually has a body length of 22-25 cm. This species of rodent is found in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as in the Mexican state of Sonora. Named after naturalist Edward Harris, these …

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Conservation Scientific Classification Order Artiodactyla Family Cervidae Subfamily Capreolinae Tribe Rangiferini Genus Rangifer Binomial name Rangifer tarandus Range Map Description The boreal woodland caribou is a type of reindeer that lives in the northern part of North America. Their color changes throughout the year from dark brown in summer to grayish-brown in winter. Caribou measure …

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