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About Us


North American Nature is a resource of information on North American nature. Our aim is to answer common questions and provide information on the natural world of North America.


The website for North American mammals was created in 2019.

North American Mammals was created due to a lack of information found on the internet answering common questions about mammals from North America.

We expanded to North American Nature in 2020 as I knew that my interests lay in the wider natural world.


The goal for North American Nature is to be the premier resource online answering common questions and providing information.

We aim to provide trustworthy content that has been fact-checked from reliable sources. Our sources range from scientific journals, manuals, books, online resources and first-hand experience.

We are extremely concerned about the future of animals in North America and want to be able to ensure that wildlife continues to thrive.

We want to expand into wildlife conservation, resources for education, policy work, community outreach, and hands-on programs to ensure the environment’s stability and ensure the future of animals in North America.