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Southern Short-tailed Shrew


Least concern conservation status

Scientific Classification

Binomial nameBlarina carolinensis

Range Map


The Southern short-tailed shrew has gray fur, with a brown or silver tint.  They measure about 11 cm and weigh up to 8g.  

They have a short tail, which is always less than half of the length of the body and the head.  They have a short snout and ears that are small and covered by their fur.

The short-tailed shrew is excellent at digging and burrowing.  They can burrow at a rate of 30 centimeters per minute, three times their body size.  They have wide feet at the front, and use these feet along with their snout and their head to burrow quickly.

The burrow of the short-tailed shrew is at two different levels.  There is a deep level between 40 – 60 cm below the ground, and another higher level a few centimeters beneath the ground.

Their diet consists of vegetables, insects, centipedes, spiders, vertebrates and crustaceans.