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Siskiyou Chipmunk

Siskiyou chipmunk (Neotamias siskiyou) on a fence


Least concern conservation status

Scientific Classification

Binomial nameNeotamias siskiyou

Range Map

Siskiyou Chipmunk range map
Range of species in blue


The Siskiyou chipmunk can be found in the states of northern California and southern and central Oregon.  Their range is limited by the Rogue River in Josephine County in Oregon, and in the south in California by the Klamath River in Del Norte County.  

They are classed as least concern, breeding once a year resulting in 4 to 6 offspring.  They can be found in habitats with dry summers and snow-heavy winters.  

They make their homes under fallen logs, piles of wood ad leaves and in hollow trees.  They can be found in dense forests of conifer trees, cedars and pines.

They have a weight between 65 to 85g with a length of 25 – 27 cm.