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Preble’s Shrew


Least concern conservation status

Scientific Classification

Binomial nameSorex pretlei

Range Map


The Preble’s shrew is a species of small-sized shrews found across the Great Basin of the United States and in the southern parts of British Columbia, in Canada.

They are approximately 77 to 95 mm in body length and usually weigh about 5 to 7 grams.

The pelage of the Preble’s shrew is typically gray on the dorsal side and more silvery-colored on the ventral side. 

Preble’s shrews have a long snout, rather large ears, and small eyes. They are considered to be the smallest member of their genus in North America.

Preble’s shrews mostly live in arid or semi-arid shrub grasses that are associated with coniferous forests.

They are generally active both during the day and at night.

They mainly feed on insects and other small invertebrates such as worms, centipedes, and mollusks.