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Mexican Ground Squirrel

Least concern conservation status
Binomial nameIctiodomys mexicanus
Mexican Ground Squirrel range map
Range of species in blue

The Mexican ground squirrel is a species of ground squirrel native to Mexico and the United States. They are small to medium-sized rodents and are characterized by nine rows of white spots on their backs and by small white circles of fur around their eyes.

Their dimensions are on average about 38 cm in body length, and males are larger than females. These squirrels live in flat, brushy or grassy areas with sandy soil, preferably with mesquite.

Because much of the habitat of the Mexican ground squirrel has been destroyed by humans, these squirrels have adapted very well to the change and can be found on golf courses and other grassy areas.

They dig burrows and follow an omnivorous diet. These squirrels are usually solitary and hibernate during the winter.