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Long-tailed Weasel

Long-tail weasel


Least concern conservation status

Scientific Classification

Binomial nameMusttela frenata

Range Map

Long-tailed weasel range map
Range of species in map


The long-tailed weasel is a fearless, aggressive hunter. They are also called the bridled weasel or the big stoat.

Their color is reddish-brown with a light yellow underbody. However, in cold, northern regions, they are completely white.

They measure from 23 to 35 cm and weighs from 85 to 267 g. This carnivore can attack animals that are twice its height.

The long-tailed weasel eats mostly mice, voles, rabbits, chipmunks, birds, eggs, and insects.

They live in grasslands and thin forests (sub-tropical areas with mild temperature) in the southern part of North America, in Central America, and the northern part of South America. Their lifespan is up to five years.