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Least Weasel

Least weasel on the snow


Least concern conservation status

Scientific Classification

Binomial nameMustela nivalis

Range Map


The least weasel, also known as the common weasel or little weasel is the smallest member of the genus Mustela.

They are native to North America, but also Eurasia and North Africa. Their bodies are slender and elongated, with relatively short tail and legs.

The average body length of a least weasel is around 130 to 260 mm, and they weigh between 36 to 250 grams, with males being slightly bigger than females. 

The color of the pelage of least weasels varies according to the geographical location, but underparts are usually white, and the back, limbs, and tail are a shade of brown.

Their diet consists mainly of small rodents. Males mark their territory with olfactory signs and are strongly territorial and dominant weasels. They may have aggressive encounters with each other.

The least weasel occupies a wide range of different habitats.