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Guadalupe Fur Seal


Least concern conservation status

Scientific Classification

Binomial nameArctocephalus townsendii

Range Map

Range of species in blue


The Guadalupe fur seal can be found off the coast of California, in the southern California Channel Islands.

Guadalupe fur seals can also be found along the Eastern Coast of Guadalupe Island, 200 km west of Baja, California.

They are listed as least concern on IUCN Red List but as endangered by the U.S National Marine Fisheries Service. Their population has continued to increase. There are thought to be at least 34,000 fur seals protected by law in the United States and Mexico. Guadalupe Island has been designated a sanctuary for pinnipeds.

Males are much larger than females of the same species. They are dark brown or black, with hairs of the neck being a lighter tan or yellowish.

cGuadalupe fur seals are a member of the Otariidae family, with visible earflaps. Guadalupe fur seals eat mackerel, lantern fish, and squid as part of their diet. The seals dive for their prey to catch them.