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Eastern Pipistrelle


Scientific Classification

Binomial namePerimyotis subflavus

Range Map


The Eastern pipistrelle can be found near water in open woods.  They can be found roosting in buildings, caves and crevices.  They can also be found roosting in tree foliage during the summer.  In the winter, they can be founding roosting in mines, caves and crevices. 

The Eastern pipistrelle are small with a fur that is yellowish-brown.  Their fur has a dark base and tip, with a yellowish-brown middle.  

Females are larger than males, with females weighing 7.9g compared to males at 7.5g.  They are also slightly larger at 89mm in length.

Although the Eastern pipistrelle copulates between August and October, the females store the sperm over the hibernation period before ovulating in spring.  The young of the Eastern pipistrelle is unique in that they are born as twins.