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How Big Do Beavers Grow?

Beavers are North America’s largest rodents and the second-largest after capybaras of South America. Compared to rodents such as rats and mice, beavers are enormous. Beavers grow continuously throughout their lives, with male and female beavers growing to the same weight and length. They reach up to 70lbs but have been known to reach 100lbs. …

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Why Are Beavers Mammals?

There are two species of beaver in North America; the North American beaver and the mountain beaver. Somebody asked me if they were both species of mammals. Beavers are mammals and have several mammalian traits. Beavers are vertebrates; they have mammary glands that they use to feed their live young, have a four-chambered heart, have …

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Are Porcupines Deadly?

Porcupines are a widespread group of animals that inhabit almost every continent in the world except for Antarctica. They are divided into two families, old-world porcupines and new-world porcupines. The new world porcupines are mainly found in North America and some parts of northern South America. A porcupines’ main defense is the quills, which they …

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Do Pet Mice Attract Other Animals Into The House?

I was around a friend’s house recently, and they said that their son wanted a pet and had chosen a mouse. My friend was unsure whether to get their son a mouse and asked me if a pet mouse would attract other animals into the house. I was unsure, so I looked into this so I could …

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