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Black-footed Ferret


Scientific Classification

Binomial nameMustela nigripes

Range Map

Rage of species in blue


The black-footed ferret, also referred to as American polecat or prairie dog hunter is a species of mustelid native to North America.

They are listed as endangered animals. Previously, they were considered extinct, but a captive-breeding program successfully reintroduced this species to their native habitat.

Their body length is between 500 to 533 mm with a tail of 114 to 127 mm, and they usually weigh around 650 to 1400 grams. They have a slender and long body with black feet, ears, tails, and part of their faces.

The neck is long and the legs stout and short. Their pelage is yellowish.

These animals are nocturnal and solitary and mainly feed on prairie dogs which they hunt for in their burrows.