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What Do Coyotes Do In Summer?

Coyotes are four-legged canines found in North America. In order to thrive and survive, each season is different for them. Coyotes are often misjudged and have a terrible reputation, especially from farmers. However, most people’s perceptions of coyotes come from misguided information. To better understand coyotes, we need to see what their behavior is like …

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6 Loudest Animals in America

One significant difference between animals and humans is that animals cannot talk. However, this doesn’t mean the animals don’t communicate. Animals can be heard snapping, roaring, and howling to find food, navigate, and attract mates. This list includes six animals that are extremely loud.  While you may know that a whale can be louder than …

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Are Opossums Dangerous?

My neighbor recently asked me if opossums were dangerous as he noticed his cat was hissing at one in his garden. Opossums look fearsome, and I see them in my garden all the time, so I told him the truth. Opossums are not aggressive or vicious but will defend themselves against pets.  Opossums may fight …

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